1:1 coaching

  • Tired of feeling exhausted
  • Dealing with constant hunger
  • Sick of killing yourself in the gym, tracking macros and still not seeing results
  • Brain Fog that is impacting your work
  • Anxiety
  • Poor Sleep
  • Hormonal Imbalances (irregular period, breast tenderness, etc.)
  • Acne
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Weight Gain
  • Irregular Bowel Movements
  • Stressed

Then this is for you. Our health matters, and getting to the root of your symptoms is what this 8 to 12 week coaching program was designed for. We will discuss nutrition, toxins, and brain rewiring. This is not a course you watch and we touch base, this is an individualized and tailored plan to support you holistically.

So if you are in the spot of fear, uncertainty, and dealing with any of the health symptoms I listed above and not seeing results.

It is time to work with someone. 

There is a better way, and we can create that together! 

Book a FREE consultation today to see if I am the right fit for you!

What you will get….

A custom tailored plan focusing on nutrition, reducing toxins, and rewiring your brain.

low-tox living

pantry purge
+ grocery tour

Enjoy the foods you love today (yes I am talking about cookies, pizza, and chocolate) without having to give them up. This is not a diet or meal plan, this bundle is to empower you to take your health into your own hands. This package will give you the tools needed to look out for greenwashing and understand how to read ingredient labels so you can improve your overall health, perform optimally, and feel your best.


Look at every food item in your pantry, fridge, and freezer going over ingredients and educating on major offenders. We will create a list of swaps with any offenders so you can find alternatives and substitutes to the foods you love today.


You will get a grocery store walk through where you will learn how to navigate through the market beyond the produce and find your usual purchases and receive suggestions for swaps and improvements. You will also have the tools to know how to read ingredient labels and how to look out for greenwashing.

healthy home audit

Non Toxic living can feel overwhelming and you may not know where to begin but you know you want the best for you and your family. This is where scheduling a Healthy Home Audit can help give you and your family the support you need. This is a personalized in-home consultation, in person or remote, designing and tailoring a customized plan specific for you and your family to transitioning to safer products and materials.

This service is for anyone with:

  • Babies/Kids or expecting to have kids
  • Infertility
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Weight gain, obesity, & metabolic disorder
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes & Insulin Resistance

healthy home

healthy home consult and design

Remodeling a home? Moving? Or Building? This service is for you! The materials used to remodel or build a home can contain harmful chemicals like VOCs, formaldehyde, and flame retardants that can off-gas for years. This service is fully customized based off your home remodel needs.

Remodeling your kitchen?….  countertops, flooring, glues, adhesives, suggestions for ventilation, water, appliances and mold materials, would be recommended along with items in the kitchen.

We spend most of our times indoor so indoor air quality is important to our health. Book a free consultation today!

Safer Registry Consult

Getting married? Expecting a baby? This is one of the best times to transition to safer. Let’s work together to create exactly what you need for your registry with safer options that meet your standards from design, performance, and of course safety.

healthy snacks

back to school snack guide

Are you looking for convenience? Budget friendly healthy snacks for your family? Don’t know what to buy or why you are buying what you think may be healthy? Then you need this guide

It has clean swaps to all of your kids favorite foods so you don’t have to give up what they love. This guide includes swaps from snacks to bread, condiments, meats & cheese, dessert, beverages & more! I also explain WHY for each and give best, better, & avoid options. Unfortunately food is not made the same as it was back in the day. 

Food is not inherently bad but knowing what’s inside of it is important as ingredients & food are linked to health problems ranging from ADHD, children hyperactivity, behavioral problems, concentration, mood, digestive issues, and sadly so much more. 

Download the guide today and watch your kid thrive in school!

featured testimonial

Jess has helped me to feel less stressed when going to the grocery store to find healthy options that are still delicious that are nutritional for my body. I have met many individuals who have tried to create meal plans for me or suggest healthy options that in the end were never really “healthy.” Jess is the only individual and friend of mine thus far that has taught me about moderation and how to read labels on not only my food, but my household products and more. She never makes you feel overwhelmed or judged for your past lifestyle. I have seen changes in my overall health thanks to Jess and highly recommend you give her the opportunity to open your eyes to a whole new greatness!




 5 simple tips to reduce your toxic exposure

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