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My passion is to empower you to feel and be your healthiest self in this modern-day world through nutrition and lower tox living. I created Modernally Balanced with the sole purpose to do just that sharing everything I know about health, nutrition, beauty, toxins, and more.



pantry purge

low-tox living

Look at every food item in your pantry, fridge, and freezer going over ingredients and educating on major offenders. We will create a list of swaps with any offenders so you can find alternatives and substitutes to the foods you love today.

grocery tour

health made easy

You will get a grocery store walk through where you will learn how to navigate through the market beyond the produce and find your usual purchases and receive suggestions for swaps and improvements. You will also have the tools to know how to read ingredient labels and how to look out for greenwashing.

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featured testimonial

Jess is one of the kindest humans you will ever meet. She genuinely cares about my health, and her knowledge and unwavering support has been a critical part of my own journey to true health!

– Jessica C.



 5 simple tips to reduce your toxic exposure

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