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How To Boost & Support Your Immune System Naturally

Diet, Digestion, & The Gut Digestion and diet are important for proper immune function.  The gut is the location for 70-80% of our entire immune …

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Is organic really necessary?

While my goal is to help you reduce your daily exposure to chemicals, it is not enough for me to tell you don’t eat that, eat this, or don’t buy that, buy this.

My goal is to educate and motivate you to change, and feel empowered to shift the landscape for yourself, and everyone else when is comes to reducing your toxic load. While we are exposed to toxins daily from the food we eat to the products we use and more, I figured I would start with what we already associate with the word healthy, and that is the kitchen.

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Why Clean Skincare Matters

Why Clean Skincare Matters Did you know that your skin in your largest organ? Our skin is an integral part of our immune system that …

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Guide to Safer Sunscreen

The primary reason people use sunscreen is to prevent sunburns and skin cancer. However, most sunscreen products often contain chemicals that can actually be damaging to our health, including ways that can increase cancer risk.

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I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Clean Living Consultant helping women balance their hormones naturally. My passion is to empower women to feel and be their healthiest self in this modern-day world through nutrition and lower tox living. I created Modernally Balanced with the sole purpose to do just that sharing everything I know about hormones, health, nutrition, beauty, toxins, and more.



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Jess has helped me to feel less stressed when going to the grocery store to find healthy options that are still delicious that are nutritional for my body. I have met many individuals who have tried to create meal plans for me or suggest healthy options that in the end were never really “healthy.” Jess is the only individual and friend of mine thus far that has taught me about moderation and how to read labels on not only my food, but my household products and more. She never makes you feel overwhelmed or judged for your past lifestyle. I have seen changes in my overall health thanks to Jess and highly recommend you give her the opportunity to open your eyes to a whole new greatness!

– Ashley S.



 5 simple tips to reduce your toxic exposure

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