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My passion is to empower you to feel and be your healthiest self in this modern-day world through nutrition and lower tox living. I created Modernally Balanced with the sole purpose to do just that sharing everything I know about health, nutrition, toxins, brain rewiring and more. 

How I got here.  I took my health into my own hands after numerous diet fails and prescribed medications masking my health problems, amenorrhea being one of them. It wasn’t an overnight change for me, to just change my daily habits. I began researching on my own and working with a health coach and from there came off birth control. I then began replacing all the “fake” foods with wholesome, real food and reading ingredient labels instead of macros. 

With time, I started to feel amazing “side effects”: my brain fog lifted, no more constipation (I had no idea poop was a sign of health),

little to no anxiety, and most importantly balancing my hormones.  

The research continued.  I realized I could spend hours upon hours researching food and nutrition and then one day it clicked. I have too much passion for educating and healing the body naturally, to not make a difference in this world. So, I set out to obtain an education from the Nutritional Therapy Association to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), where NTPs honor ancestral wisdom by taking a functional approach to health and wellness.

I then continued my education in environmental toxins and became a certified Brain Rewiring Coach.

All I really want out of this blog is to provide knowledge, inspiration, and a few laughs along the way. Welcome to my blog! 


1:1 coaching

This personalized coaching is designed to provide you with an immediate protocol and recommendations to become more energized, beat bloating, lift brain fog, reduce anxiety, and balance your hormones. Together we will take a deep dive into your current lifestyle, identify your specific imbalances, and discuss any obstacles to you achieving your health goals. By addressing diet, mindset and everyday habits, we will map out your hormone health path to a more sustainable energized way of living.


low tox living made easy

Non Toxic living can feel overwhelming and you may not know where to begin but you know you want the best for you and your family. This is where scheduling a Healthy Home Audit can help give you and your family the support you need. This is a personalized in-home consultation, in person or remote, designing and tailoring a customized plan specific for you and your family to transitioning to safer products and materials.

featured testimonial

Jess is one of the kindest humans you will ever meet. She genuinely cares about my health, and her knowledge and unwavering support has been a critical part of my own journey to true health!

– Jessica C.



 5 simple tips to reduce your toxic exposure

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