8 Lower Tox Pandemic Tips

Our health is our greatest asset

And now more than ever is the best time to support our bodies and immune system.

The pandemic is a real thing, I will not down play that at all, but we have control over our health and there are ways we can fully support our immune system, so let’s use this time to make changes!

As always, my goal is to empower you to participate in lower tox living with the information I share. And that this is about progress not perfection, nor is my goal when sharing about toxins is to fear monger, but simply empower you with information to make better choices for you and your family.

8 Lower Tox Pandemic Tips

1- REDUCE STRESS– this is at the root of all disease, whatever you can do to reduce it (maybe that is to watch less news, than do it)! My #1 recommendations are meditating & breath-work but changing your mindset is equally important. And in the case of this 2020 pandemic, we have so much to be thankful for, our health, a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, or even your family and friends. Our thoughts are energy, so the more positive we think, the more positive things we attract and in return reduces stress.

2- GET OUT IN NATURE- Go fo a walk, soak in the sun and Vitamin D. This not only supports our immune system, but most of us spend most of our time indoors where we are exposed to more toxins (from household cleaners, flooring, paint, & more) than the fresh outdoors.

3- VITAMIN C– You can get this from foods like tomatoes, oranges, red pepper, & broccoli. However now may be a good time to incorporate as a supplement, I recommend Lume Infusions Vitamin C. Lume also has an immune boost tincture that is absolutely wonderful, from the sourcing to the quality of the ingredients. Use code LUMEJESS20 for 20% off! I do not receive commission from this, I whole heartedly believe in her products, she is local to me, and is a company actually doing good and wanted to provide a discount as we navigate these hard times.

4- MINIMIZE PROCESSED FOODS & SUGAR– You want to support your gut health and consuming processed food and sugar wrecks havoc on our gut and leads to blood sugar imbalances which then leads to a weakened immune system. Our immune system is 70-80% in our guts so eating real whole nutrient dense foods and incorporating foods like bone broth & probiotics will support your gut & immune system.

5- SWAP TO SAFER HOUSEHOLD CLEANER– Fragrance, PEGs, and Triclosan are found in most cleaners on the shelves today (or not since they are all sold out), which are known hormone disrupters and carcinogens. Not only that, they kill the GOOD and the bad bacteria and we need the GOOD bacteria in order to fight off pathogens. And after all we are made of bacteria, so we need everything in balance! Branch Basics is my #1 recommendation, use code MBALANCED for discount. Again, I do not receive commission from this but 100% believe in these products as they do everything from clean counter tops, you get a bottle to be used for hand soap, laundry, clean your veggies with, and the hardest of hardest stains. This will be the only cleaner you ever need!

6- SWAP TO SAFER HAND SANITIZER– Same as above with ingredients and killing off the GOOD bacteria. My favorite safer option is Squeak.

7- TOILET PAPER– It’s amazing how stores are SOLD out of toilet paper, and I knew if I told people to swap to safer toilet paper they would think I am crazy, but don’t worry I did anyways around Christmas since my favorite safer bamboo toilet paper Who Gives A Crap makes these really cute designs. Toilet paper usually takes down tons of trees and can be dyed and scented. This is never one of my top swaps when it comes to lower tox living but since toilet paper is hard to buy these days, shopping online is so easy and these companies I am recommending are not price gauging. And because the company I have purchased from is sold out there is another company, Number 2 that is a great option, & also delivers.

8- WATER– Due to the demand and also being sold out, now is a great time to invest in a quality filter that filters out heavy metals, fluoride, VOCs, etc.. and the BEST time to ditch the plastic. When you ditch the plastic you not only help the environment and reduce single use plastic but you’re minimizing your exposure to BPA/BPS/BPF which are all endocrine disrupting chemicals. These harmful chemicals are found in plastic and leech into our water when exposed to high heat. This might not be from you but most likely it’s transport from the warehouse to the stores. If you want to learn more on plastics and food and why swapping them out is important, I have a blog post here. My favorite is Berkey, use code MBALANCED to save $$$.

I hope you find this information helpful. These are all things we can do everyday to optimize our health. And one tip I did not share above, is to be present. I hope we all can find peace and love as we navigate all of this. If this can help someone you know, please share.

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I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Clean Living Consultant helping women balance their hormones naturally. My passion is to empower women to feel and be their healthiest self in this modern-day world through nutrition and lower tox living. I created Modernally Balanced with the sole purpose to do just that sharing everything I know about hormones, health, nutrition, beauty, toxins, and more.



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